Friday, October 1, 2010

somethings just make you melt~~~

quote of the day:

"I enjoyed myself to the end"- Sae

accompanied by this picture

what do you think you're doing to the fangirls when you're posting that Sae??

seriously people could've died from bloodloss due to that~

and I've decided to kill the part about my life on this blog so it is now PURELY fangirling<3
my life will be transfered to tumblr =3

Friday, September 17, 2010

Going home early!! =3 Miyazawa Household.

18:38:50 15-09-2010

Yahhoi ↑

There was a photoshoot today aswell

and, today...

has wound up to an end aswell-♥ yayye-i

This week was really a gravure week!!

it'll be great if it will be gravure for a while (laughs)

The coudy sky continues and today's photoshoot was at 99village

//heyy~ that's where Meetan's parents live xD//

I wasn't a very popular palce but it was a quiet place

on the way back, the beach with 99village~~~~!! about that, I went to eat clam with everyone ♥

we grilled and ate it ourselves...

it was twice as tasty!!!!

I was moved by the first one, and ate 3 of them

then, to make matters worse...

turban shell
//I'm sure there's a better name but I can't think of it :L...//


full all the way in♥


for the Sae who loves seafood, it was the best meal

after winding down, to be able to eat this lovely food noisily with the staff-san is wonderful

here you don't hear "push down" but "wind down", fresh and fresh (laughs)

Early in the morning, don't stop the the cheerfullness and lets start our engines form the beginning!!!!

furthermore today, I received the vute pink sneakers taht was used in the photoshoot today♥

I wanted pink ones↑↑

thankyou very much

the photoshoot today will be in young magazine (25th oct), everyone I'm counting on you to check (o^-')b

//call me mad but i swear she already has hot pink sneakers....and I can totally dedicate a whole alblum to Sae's wardrobe xD//

Good evening☆Miyazawa Household

22:36:01 14-09-2010

Today, I've was shooting for AKB and XX [chome chome] since the morming!!

Myself, what I did in my free time...??

did nothing


has Takamina, Asuka, Myao, Kitarie, Sasshi plus+ Sae as members!!!!!!

it was pleasant

and we laughed

Myao's was amusing chap ♥♥ (laughs)(lauhgs)

Today, since I haven't touched my mobile much I couldn't give spoilers. From now on I will report on each member during today's shooting!!




・had a confused face

・arranged to get a signed copy of he 1st photobook [Takamina]



・congratulations on your 21st

・as likable and sweet as always

・glad taht her elbow is surprisingly soft.


・ahh- legs are cute. And slender!!
・even now she still use honorifics sometimes so I said "you don't have to use honorifics"

・motivation grows when you see Kitarie's smile


・often ends her words with this dialect "~desho-yo!!"

//its normally deshou =)//

・When she laughs she goes "AHAHA!!"

・If i realise her Sasshi not Sashiko.


・a person with freedom, as I thought

・interesting, as I though. ...but happy thing she said was "your hair's really silky♥" some thing like that... (laughs)

・calls Sae "Saepo"

...If i think about it I could've been more out going,but I picked up so me inspirations while listening♥

and so, we are going to have a photoshoot form the morning tomorrow aswell so...

Good day Good bye↑

I'm alive~ and want that ugly pink PSP!

We all know about that game right?

yes the AKB DATING SIM!!!!!

eventhough I pretty much HATE pink

I still want it T_T

the pre-orders are sold out (temporarily) WAHT IS THIS?!

currently in delemma about weather I should buy it off flutterscape for like $600

or be patient and wait....

this is stupid its not even gonna be released untill december.

-sighs- fangirling is such a demebding job...

and apprently i'm on toplist (0_o)"

how did that happen?

well incase you want to vote for me there's a button on the side bar...

yea right, no one's going to vote for me........

and AKBjournal's down for maintenance again so I'll be sticking blog trans here....

yea thats all.

GET BACK TO ME YesAsia~~~~!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

HAPPY= healthy offspring☆Miyazawa Household.

04-08-2010 22:56:36

Today, finished my jobs before hand since it was arranged that*...

//*not sure about this sentence (今日ゎ早めにお仕事が終わるのを前もってサッチしていたので)//

my friend ,who came to the theatre show a few days ago, came to play↑


I promised to play a year ago ♥

friend's name is....I call her Saki though, today Saki bought me a slightly early birthday present♥

a mimo pouch♥♥

it was really cute ♥

pouch was way too cute so, I bought the matching mirror myself↑↑

Isn’t it cute?? ♥

By the way the mirror is the same as Sachi’s ↑↑

In Sae’s circle**, starting with Saki, there are a lot of wonderful friends.

//**social circle =3//

That’s not a large amount of people but….small and close is okay right?

You can’t help to socialize with people but, at least the friends in Sae’s circle are,
the best comrades next to the members!!!!

The friends who understand this Sae…♥

are important…♥

Today, even though it was only a short amount of time, I’m glad I was able to meet Saki- ♥

Everyone aswell, if you have time, its good to play with lots of friends

Embrace the various emotions, because it’s very encouraging…

Today, I took Purikura with that Saki

Saki’s face is………..cute and everyone will conclude that it looks weird so it’s a se~cret♥


I’m- , always like this (laughs)(laughs)


Try my best tomorrow as well!!!!


An announcement for everyone here↑

This day, from the 4th of August on Rekochoku-san’s site “Heavy Rotation” full ringtone
distribution has started

Everyone, before the CD release, definitely check the full ringtone please ♥

Hello new mobile wallie~~ XD

AKB famine OVER~~~~~~~!!!!!!


as of 1.40 am this morning my 40 hour AKB famine was OFFICIALLY OVER!

but I'm still hungry as hell TAT

another 7hrs till I can eat

plaus I drank too  much green tea and couldn't sleep....


kinda forgot that Tea keeps you awake LOL.

and another thing  since AKBjournal is down

I'll be sticking Sae's blog translations here of the time being :L

hope Arsen gets it back up soon~

and don't be too hopefull I'm pretty behind on translations AGAIN...

gawd I fail so much...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

40 HOUR FAMINE; ohh thhe pain TTATT

18 hours down....

for those who don't know what I'm going on about

40hour famine is a fundraising event in whihc the participant

has to give up something for 40 hours

in my case its Food and FANGIRLING "the band" (TTATT)

its for a good cause -sniffle-

hope nothing important happens over the weekend...

I'm not even allowed to scroll down cuz of all the "band" realated posts

so I'm going through all this pain to raise money

for children in Nepal!

my pain is nothing compared to theirs

after this I can go stuff my face with food again but they can't

they are still in a food crisis.

Even if they had the money they don't have the food to buy!

how is it fair? its NOT.

our streets are littered with food that can probably feed a whole family for months!

so please donate to help!


just $40 can feed 6 children for a WHOLE MONTH!

even if its just a little please donate

look behind the sofa, under the bed, in your pockets I'm sure theres a lot of spare change lying around somewhere =)

18hrs and I've been surviving on these


think of the children!!!